Music Samples

Three Can Keep A Secret, from my

 Gangsters & Ghosts Vol I, EP. I'm on vocals, guitar, and harmonica.

The documentary short You Were Born In This Room, by The Hopewell West. I'm on drums and background vocals.

Better Than It Ever Was, from an album I played drums on by Amanda Richards.

Hotdamn!, from Anchors Of Ascension. I'm on drums on this one. Written by Willie Jaam and myself.

Drumming with Kelly Brightwell.

Taking up percussion duties on Trisk'y, from Margot Monti.

Better Than That, the first song I wrote for Gangsters & Ghosts, featuring me on vocals and guitars. 

Drumming with the Perry Gerber Band. Lisa Mann on bass guitar.

Live with The Hopewell West, on CCTV's Local Roots music NW.

Some Celtic rock drumming with Castletown.

On drums with Christie Josef & The Purpose. This song features Carl Smith on percussion, Bret Malmquist on guitar, John Neff on bass, and the great Skip VonKuske on cello.

Blues For Picasso, co-written by Sean Rapp and myself. I programmed the electric drums, played the acoustic kit, and also the keyboards on this one. 

So Far To Go, by My Fellow Traveller. I'm on the Rhodes piano and background vocals here. 

Black Sunday, from Anchors Of Ascension. Me on drums, Willie Jaam on bass, and Margot Monti on didjeridu.

Had a fun time recording this one with James Faretheewell. James and John Reynolds had me doing all kinds of crazy percussion. Recorded by John Reynolds.

Drumming with Lovenotes & Lithium.

Speaking In Silence was co-written by Brandy Tesky, Dave Olson, and myself.

This tune features my debut on xylophone!

Here are a few from the Tara Williamson album Christmas.

02 Tonight You Belong To Me _ Baby It's Tara Williamson
00:00 / 03:34
04 Carol of the BellsTara Williamson
00:00 / 02:03
01 The Christmas BluesTara Williamson
00:00 / 02:26

Richie Bean & the Midnight Travelers

American Dream BluesRichie Bean & the Midnight Travelers
00:00 / 03:13

Background & header photos by Ashley Gruber for CCTV Music.