get the soul back in your sound

01 - Casey McBride - Get the Soul Back in Your SoundCasey McBride
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There’s a message getting clearer
But you don’t want to listen at all
Like headlights to a dear
It only takes a moment to stall
Then everything runs aground
And nothings ever going to be the same
And the reflection in the mirror
Is looking for somebody to blame 

Isn’t it a shame
I think it’s time to light a flame
Get you on your feet again

There’s a certain kind of fear
That’s hard to put a finger on
Have you crying in your beer
Never lets you finish writing a song
You may get a wild hair
But you ain’t ever let your guard down
The way you’re dealing is no good
And it’s time to take a look around

Are you happy with what you found
Get the soul back in your sound

There’s a whisper in your ears
Telling you to put the pedal down
No more drowning in your tears
It’s time to head for higher ground
Once you’re out on that open road
You can see the signs pointing all around
Lose the haters and your fears
You don’t need them where you’re bound

They can’t beat you pound for pound
Go get the soul back in your sound

words&music by mcbride

recorded in may, 2022, by mcbride, at frank's place, Gresham, or

backing vocal by margot monti
all other instruments by mcbride